Over 08 years of experience in the OIL & Lubricants industry

Atop Lubricants is a Company having expertise in the Industrial & Specialty Lubricants business, seamlessly have extended its offering in the Automotive Lubricant segment with a wide range of Future Ready Engine Oils & Greases having the brand “ATOP”. 

Launched in the year 2013, the company is set to redefine the automotive lubricants industry and have established the brand ATOP as a high-Quality Premium range of lubricants catering to all segments in Diesel Engine Commercial and Agriculture segment, Two-Wheeler 4 Stroke Segment and Passenger Car Segment in addition to Gear Oils, Transmission Oils, Coolants and other Automotive Specially products.


All products of ATOP are manufactured using high quality Group-I and Group- II base oils which are being imported from the best refineries in the world and further fortified with high end additives for a better performance and confirming to the global standards. 

All ATOP Engine Oils comply with the latest API standard, ATOP Engine Oils perform very well in all engines in Indian driving condition, ensuring better engine maintenance, lower oil consumption, lesser wear and Lear and ultimately lowering maintenance costs.


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